Summer School 2016

Somewhere in the south of Chile a few crazy guys (and hopefully gals too) meet in the middle of the forest to build something together.

That something is not just a wooden shelter, but it will have wood. There will be japanese tools but is not about the tools. We will sharpen not only our blades but our skills. There will be talk, food and rivers. Work, layout and planning. Lots of cooking. Saw sharpening.

Did I say something about thermae?

Drop me a line if you fancy skipping some winter in the warm south.


  1. I'm not going to decide now, but looks like fun, being in the forest. Are there indigenous people in this place? What kinds of trees are there? What are the rivers names? I can make tortillas ...

  2. no indeans (mapuche in fact) there.

    don't know what else, need to check.

    The river names are estero las mulas y rio el plomo (I think) nothing big or fancy but enough water to take a wood swim.

  3. I have a friend who grew up in the forest here, and is interested in Patagonia, which is about the end of the road going south. He spent some time in New Zealand and Hawaii. He keeps bees.

    Camping is good for me. Making a Shrine to the River Kami? May be good.

  4. Hi,
    it is possible to get in contact with you per email?
    That would be great!

    1. Hi David

      Of course, I thought it was visible at the profile page but maybe I just see it. Either way:

      tsuresuregusa {at}

  5. Sebas. Hola. I am wanting to learn japanese carpentry. I have a little plot of land in southern Chile where water is lovely and falls from the sky in abundance. I have been looking to learn more about not using power tools, since they annoy me, but they work so fast! double edged sword.
    So you are heading south to guid and collaborate? I am interested in joining and sharing a bit. I will email you. Sounds like a good skill sharing opportunity

    1. Astrid, write me and let's make it happen. The sooner the better so we can arrange all. Best