Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stupid little saviour

As usual, I was wrong.

It's three times easier and faster to use a "shield" to file the top eye of the teeth. I tried it with a paint scraper but it was slightly too thick. Thinking for a bit... the piece I broke off frankestsaw!

I had a failed comb in box woood for julia (I used the wrong grain direction, you need to glue two pieces of perpendicular grain, lesson learn) and after 5 minutes total, I had this:

You hold it in your left hand and put it behind the tooth you are sharpening, to "shield" it from the cutting edge of the file. Bonus is that the file itself becomes more stable since now it has 2 surfaces where to rest.  I filed the set off btw, you can see the tip of half of the teeth are clean, like that it can go into smaller places.

Even tho you can do it free hand, and I guess it helps to develop a straight hand, with the shield is way faster and easier. Try it. And you have a use for your fucked up broken saws.

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