Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Celle and cold

A random array of pictures of Opa's werkstatt.

 I came sunday after 13 hours of trains. They didn't have food in the last one, no beer either.

First two days were lots of fun but last night I felt weird, so I spent this afternoon in bed sleeping away the cold. A shame because I was planing some tone wood with my japanese plane.

That's next to my workbench. Not mine, but the one I use. This was my homework. A genius used rivets, masonite and nails to "fix" the cello. The wooden piece should be rotated 90 degrees and put the other way around.

From the outside, the raping is clearer.

I bore them away with a hand drill, they don't have a cordless drill here.

The guy who sold it on ebay didn't know how to pack either, so the scroll broke on the way.

 It's a beech scroll. Looks a bit cheap, but no reason to treat it that way.

Here's the top.

A rather cheap cello, but deserves some caring. I used hot water and lots of patience to take the masonite out. In chile we call it cholguan. It sucks.

Then, some gluing of the, shit, forgot the name. Siding?

And a visit to the front of the shop while it glues.

 I love those colours. Sharpening/painting section

The view from Opa's place.

 His bench

  That's a new hand made rasp... really nice. I will get one for christmas. And that's some horrible grained poplar a not sharp enough plane blades. Opa is getting old, it's quite sad to see.  More planes

Yesterday I was the whole day fixing a missing corner of the cello. Try to cut as little as possible and leave a easy to glue surface. Go slow.

After several hours, a new corner was there. Still a bit proud.

Needs to blend with the old one, so not so straight. The back has a really nice pattern. I mean, humble nice wood. No fancy flames or anything, but I like it

And that was today. I was jointing and preparing some wood for violins but I felt like shit after lunch and went to bed. This was the spruce top, the bottom was a beautiful maple that I maybe can photograph tomorrow. 

I know it's a big mess, each time I come I work in everything I can. Now I'm fixing several old chisels, making handles, a rosewood mallet for the planes, und so wieder. I'm leaving these 3 planes here, maybe Julia's mother switches to the light side of the force.


  1. Hi Sebastian,

    You know what I do like about your blog company? No "like" buttons.
    Let me spell it out for clarity. Nice entry but a cheap "like" , it's meaningless.


  2. Hi Ernest

    I heard about a NSA's spinoff called facebook but cannot get myself to like the colours they use nor their close source code philosophy. Jokes aside, I find it worst than TV, people seem to have lost the ability to express themselves beyond that banal button. Online and offline. Good to hear you approve.


  3. look, now I even managed to delete the facebook sharing button :) Nice what you can do with a bit of coding.