Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bed lessons

We have finally returned the crap flat to the landlord who kicked us out for an open window. I had to cut the bed into pieces so I could transport it to the community garden of a friend of us for firewood. I also had to unglue a mirror that Julia glued to the bathroom’s walls with shit lots of double sided tape. The flat was pretty much empty so I had a leatherman, a thickness gauge and my favorite Ryoba to try to unglue the mirror. The Ryoba of course was the only one able to finish the task. Sad thing was that the blade got full of rubber and glue. There was a bit of ethanol I took from the office last week and tried to clean the glue with it. It didn’t really work for the glue but man the teeth where clean after that, they got more “bite”.

First lesson: clean your saw with ethanol/acetone once in a while. Then oil it again with camellia oil.

I guess some organic compounds are stick to the teeth bevels as you cut and dissolving them with alcohol is a good idea. Somehow I have never heard of it, the doxa goes something like you oil and sharpen your saws, but there is not a word on cleaning them, less on cleaning them in a regular basis.

Go and try it and let me know what ya think, it takes 2 minutes. I have adopted it already as a workshop good practice. A clean saw is a happy saw.

Now for the pictures.

After moving the firewood by tram yesterday, I went today to take a look at it.

That was my bed.

Best thing to do with an old bed is pizza:

 There was no table in the garden so I went for several small pizzas that I could make in my hands

Just the usual: bacon, parmesan cheese, garlic, mushrooms and pepper burnt in the oven and pesto instead of tomato sauce, since Julia doesn’t like it.

And that’s the second lesson of the bed: clay ovens are good things.

We were there, in the sun between the green of the garden, woman reading and man making fire with a beer in his hand. And god saw it was good.

If you are wondering if I left my favorite saw full of glue the answer is no. When we were back home after our late lunch today, I followed Mark’s advice and used coarse sandpaper to give a general cleaning to my saw, so the glue is gone and also most of its rust. After that, more alcohol wiping and I called it a day.

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