Monday, November 23, 2015

New house

Today we signed the contract and got the keys. So we have a house. A house with no kitchen and in a very chilean state of "conservation".

When you enter you see this:

 At the left Julia's workshop

 Then the reason we like the house

 and more
 and another

 and this is from my office, on the other direction

 some sash to do eventually to replace that beautiful mdf

 The stairs. Need to change that metal handrail.

Very tall ceiling

Something Don will like to see. No portland no sir, this is real adobe over here. I think I need to repair that.

 And from downstairs. We have 4 windows in the upper floor, and 4 in the lowe floor.

 That the "ascensor cordillera" if you ever drop by here

And that's a bakery making bread with wood, the smell of fire and bread in our house is quite gezellig

 Next to the kitchen. You don't want to see the kitchen. There is no kitchen actually, we need to buy one soon.

 And the stairs going up.

There they took the moulding off or something like that, need to figure out how to repair it.

 And the hallway with all the windows. That's ceramic on the floor, over the wooden floor. Sigh.

Let's see how it develops. We need to hire a truck and move some tools, sewing machines, a couch and 2 bikes. An a dog, of course.

And sorry Gabe, I left the hammers in my Dad's place for the last carpentry class next sunday... next week they are here.


  1. A whole town of corrugated iron! Someone needs to contact UNESCO world heritage, and fast.

    1. lol

      I need to find if there's somebody doing unesco quality restoration work, for what I've seen mdf and a few screws, and dat will do.

  2. You know, its a very visceral thing, the smell of hot cutting oil. Tomorrow is thanksgiving so I'll be happy for such things to continue in my life. Thanks for the friendship from afar!

    1. Thank you Gabe. Always good to know one is not alone.

  3. That view really is something to behold. The house will come together over time, you can just keep taking breaks and go take a look at your amazing view. That house is going to really be beautiful when done because the foundation is spectacular. Pace yourself and do things as you enjoy the house, and before long you will look back in amazement.