Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Here it is:

Some people complain because they have their workshops in the garage, I have it in the toilet.

This was a random picture from when sharpening in the sun. Things dry fast and that was not even sharp.

A small present for  a ocuple of friends, in Laurelia sempervirens.

 This is the view from the toilet. For me it's quite normal, but for Alex, german girl friend of Julia, took one week going to starbuks to make her needs to get used to it.

Sharpening station and kanna holder

The view from the eating place

This is the kitchen with some bolivian oak, it may work for dais actually.

Now for the update: Summer School 2016 is happening in Ensenada, close to the real south of Chile and we are building a small hip roof with nothing under. Maybe a place for the bbq or what not. From feb. 8th to 20th.

Something else? Oh yeah, this was a christmas' picture:

Happy 2016.


  1. Cozy.......I do some of my best thinking there, haha. That's one big bathroom! Your kitchen looks a bit like ours, big burners and pots, but we still miss having an oven for baking.

    Valparaiso looks great! Best wishes for the new year,


    1. Guess your due for a cob oven!

      That beach looks so nice... good inspiration.

      Can you send some blue to Rochester? I'm tired of year round gray.

    2. I want to get an electric oven, so we can start making pizzas ourselves. My dough is one of my favourites in the world.

      It's nice and weird to have the beach next to you. I still cannot get used to just walk and be there, doing nothing. Need to learn to do that more often. Today we were there playing on the rocks, Julia looking for shells, dog for I don't know what, and me for sharpening stones. Found a coarse one but only works on the soft iron. will keep on looking for free sharpening stones :)

      And Steven, I send you some blue and you send me some trees, what about that for a deal?

    3. Shoot, that reminds me I need to keep looking for sandblast grit to flatten the Ontario stones.

      And you got a deal, Teacher. I haven't ordered that steel yet, trying to figure out how I would do a back for a dozuki, and whether I should spend that money on wood instead. Plus, I have two dozukis...a nice kataba would be good, though...

  2. Warmth! Looks lovely and warm. And saves peeing in a cup so that you don't miss shop time walking to the bathroom. We should all be so lucky.

  3. Looks like it's way to hot to work - I'd never get anything done! Beautiful photos, delicious wood!

  4. That must be then, too hot for me too. And too many coffees and talks and walks. The wood is really nice, I will bring some when the forge is done.