Friday, May 27, 2016

cutting edge snobbism

Nico came today and since I was planing some coigue panels we stuck to wood instead of brass as it was last time. We are trying to fix that coffee machine of mine but the sleeves in the group are a bit stuck and need some acid.

Anyway, so we went back to the mould and cut it closer to the lines plus made the cuts for the corner blocks.

Now comes the snobbery.

I don't like to use rasps or files for wood. They are slow and cannot be sharpened. I like them fast and sharpenable. And since Tanaka can, why shouldn't I try it at least.

The inner curves are a bit difficult, so you should cut the block holes first. Like that you can get quite close to the line with the chisel. For leveling use a spokeshave and finally a sharp low angle kiridashi

 The outer curves are easy, just keep the spokeshave level and spit often on the wood to keep it wet.

Or you can use camellia oil but last time I checked spit was for free. A free standing vise would be nice here, something like they use for leatherwork in japan where you can sit and hold the piece between your legs. The working asymmetrically makes for a not perfect position. If I had to make a few more I would totally build one, but since this just took 30min of work it's ok for a one timer.

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  1. I can't afford a rasp/file better than Harbor Fright ones, which feel like plastic and can't cut crap; but I did make a small float. It's perfect for tuning joinery, shaping stuff, and it's resharpenable. Perhaps you can make a curved one?