Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why I need a mill

Today visited the workshop of the university.

Ricardo, the workshop maister, asked me why I didn't study mechanics. Cause I didn't know I liked so much this shit till my third year in physics.

I needed to groove my blade so I could use the adjuster to move the blade, it worked perfectly:

there were also some random pieces that took home with me.

A small little future anvil, and a 1/2" chisel.

and this is why I need a mill. Doing this by hand is a bit beyond me.

We didn't have a T-slot bit so had to improvise, that's why the groove is so wide, at least wider than the original.


  1. Take care Sebastian, you're gonna end like Chris Hall with a monster of a Zimmerman mill!

    1. Rest assured François, there is no possible way I ever end up like Chris Hall. Never.

    2. No, you only need to know someone who's got a mill!
      the only machine you need is a good old bandsaw.