Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sleepy sunday

Still no news with new filling. Yesterday I cleaned, finished the spokeshave and tried, unsuccessfully, to glue the wooden glasses of a friend of mine.

I also gave the last touch to a cross cut saw I got from Opa. Seems to be a flush cut saw, since it's the most flexible saw I have.  It was laying around Opa's workshop for several years. It seems that some one, don't know who, decided to try to cut steel with it. Half of the teeth on the central part were gone. It was also bent like crazy. I think the guy tried to cut metal, the saw got stuck, then he hit it with a club or something to get it out.

As usual, I forgot to take a "before" picture. I'm always too eager to start working on something to stop to take a picture.

So this is the after:

I mean, now it looks like a saw, even with my crappy iPhone camera. (We found a second hand camera we like, maybe the guy answers today and we can pick it up this afternoon. Thumbs pressed, as german say.)

And this is how straight it looks. 

Not the best but certainly better than before. And it was free, so what would be better. A funny note, the blade doesn't have an uniform thickness along the length. It is like .2mm thicker near the handle, this is other of the reasons I think it's a flush cut saw, you only use the middle section of the blade, so it wears more.  I haven't put set on the teeth, so it's not really useful for cutting long pieces, it jams. I need to glue some dowels in a board and try if it is actually a flush cutting saw.

Btw, the 75 mm  file I have is a tad too large for the job. This is a 19 TPI saw, and it gets really difficult to not to touch the adjacent tooth. I want this one:

It has a cross section of 5.5 x 1.9 mm, almost 30% smaller than the one I have.  

Btw, did I say that I killed an edge of my file? I read it at Giantcypres that the guy has a safe edge on his file. Mine didn't have so I put it on the diamond stones for 3 minutes and went to file the top eye (third facet). It really works nicely.   

And here it is the finished spokeshave. I gave up with the shellac and went for wax finish. I use this boy  

I discovered when I was climbing a lot in Enschede and my hands were totally fucked up. It does wonders, and if you put it on your tools, your tools kinda take care of your skin when you use them. Win-win situation

The top side:

Boxed sole:

And bottom.

Thanks to Opa for letting me steal the maple and boxwood from the scrap pile. The blade comes, if I remember well, from a Dai-naoshi Kanna I got from ebay seller Yusui. The body cracked and had a bolt. I don't like bolts so I made a new dai, slightly different shape. The blade takes a really nice edge. 

And why sleepy sunday? I woke up at 9am – the only time you have direct light on our living room to take the pictures – and then back to bed till 1pm, it felt like in the good old times. 

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