Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome to 2011

2011 is the year the brand new second hand camera we bought was made. An uber-improvement from the iPhone. 

Tomorrow comes the guy from the company that rents us the flat because we have a small leak on the bedroom. So Julia wanted me to clean the workbench. Besides, the cheap cloth hanger I made broke for the third time. 

Dry fit of the worst ever design for a cloth hanger. I made it the first time one year ago. It broke, I made another, and shortened this one so Julia had less space for clothes and thus less weight on it. It didn't work. Yesterday night it collapsed on the middle of the night. Sloppy cut joinery,  I really didn't know how to use a chisel a year ago.

With a friend we joked with making a journal of negative results. There you could publish all your scientific attempts that didn't make it. Like, this is NOT the way to do this. I guess this rack could go to the cover of that journal.

Anyway, back to saw sharpening.

Look Mom, I have japanese saws!

From left to right, crus cut, universal cut, flush cut, azebiki and ryoba on the processes of bein ChuMansu-ed:

Remember I told you first to file half of the teeth's height? This is why. When you attempt to put the positive angle, you first touch the top of the tooth, creating this funny looking pattern. As you can see from the picture the gullets' depth is not constant, but the angle kind of is and that's what I am focusing on right now.

(Now that I look at the picture I think it could be quite easy to write an image recognition software to check the alignment of the teeth, but where would the fun be then? )

Hopefully, tomorrow I will have back my other Ryoba from the welder and will be able to make some side by side comparisons. And in a few weeks time, the files I ordered from japan-tool should arrive, so I will be able to sharpen my big saws. So plenty of steel to make powder on the following weeks.

This weekend is Phil Edwards planmaker is in the country for the Magma vorfuertage, no idea what that means, but I really want to go. It is hell of a trip tho, since I have no car it will take me like 5 hours to make 240km. I bought the iron for a plane I made from Phil, the iron was bespoke to the plane and his really cool guy to deal with. This is the plane:

Gonzalez carriage maker plane with a Phil iron, photo by Katja

Go ahead and ask, are you starting to make carriages? Not really, I just like the shape of those little planes and wanted to see if I could make one.

Ok, final photo, I really hope this make clear how to teeth of my azebiki are filled. No fleam on either bevel, and the third facet, or top eye, as I will start calling it according to google translate,  is sloped on the same direction as the set of the tooth.

What's the point of it? I don't know but you can be sure I will try to find out. 

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  1. Thank you for being so attentive to your belligerent, demanding readers (Do this! Do that! Take pictures, haha!). I finally understand...... And am going to implement that tooth pattern on my ryoba rip teeth. I am sure that it will be an improvement for me.

    ChuMansu... Hehe hehe.....