Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Neither a bang nor a whimper

They are not the hollow men:

 And this is Luis doing half a splice in the third day of the class (new record):

 Sebastian and Keiran, our resident DJ and bread master

 Alvaro and Hanna, practicing dove(de)tails

 Keiran making the keys of his marimba with an angentinean bodied french plane

 and one coffee table

 And another coffee table. Tea table actually, with some added functionality

I kind of finished the bench the other day, before the start of the class, but I was fighting all the time for them not to use it. A vice makes you saw harder and worse than needed, so indeed it's a vice.

 and as every flat surface, it attracts tools and other objects.

Hanna needs breath more slowly and relax more:

 And Sebastian is a very slow and very detailed worker who didn't believe the wonders of glue (the dry fit was a tad too gappy), he totally got the rhythm right and the joint nice

That was it. 3 days in a row. I spent today like it was sunday, knackered. Eat, lay down, chat with my brother in the living room, write posts. 

If you didn't get the quote, it was the hollow men by ts elliot. This is how the world ends... and the like. The same guy of waste land and how to tell the dancer from the dance. Those were other times. 

I'm leaving this friday to fortress Europe, a Europe of closed borders and austerity. Not the same place I went to 7 seven years ago. I go to pick up a gal, some tools and say goodbye again to a few good friends. My time in Chile comes to an end, but it actually feels like a beginning. This is how a world begins, not with a bang, not a whimper, but with the sound of shavings flying off the kanna, the sound of steel rubbing against wet stone, the soft sound of a saw being properly used. Gentle sounds, living sounds, human sounds. 

I see the pictures again: "Japanese tools collected by a crazy physicist in Graz find new home in Chile," could be a good caption. I'm looking forward to the next class. 

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  1. "Gentle sounds, living sounds, human sounds."
    Thanks for everything Sebastián.