Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This is how the blade from yesterday looks after a bit of uradashi:

the edge is still a tad rusty, needs more work but I'm waiting for my new stones to arrive tomorrow to finish it.

 I also need to get rid of that chip

And on this side there is another slight hollow near the edge.

But the video: here it is. If you suffer too much just let me know and go back to old good writing and pictures.


  1. It was something special to hear the sound of your kanna! A glimpse, but a glimpse, I hope its not the last. Perhaps a bit of saw sharpening in the future? That would be great.

  2. Sorry, dumb comment, I see you already have sharpening video. Instant gratification!

  3. Perhaps it would be worth shooting some video for a project mayhem practice joint. Maybe even just doing the layout, that would be fascinating.

    1. You could not possibly have commented in a better moment. I just squared up the wood for the plug joint and I'm going to cut the 3 pieces and do the lay out right now. Let me get the clamps so the ipad doesn't keep on falling.