Monday, October 12, 2015


I continue reading to our friends:

"No society, then, but worlds. And no war against society either, to wage war against a fiction is to give it substance. There's no social sky above our heads, there's us and the ensemble of ties, friendships, enmities, and actual proximities and distances that we experience. There are only sets of us, eminently situated powers, and their ability to ramify throughout the endlessly decomposing and recomposing social carcass. A swarming of worlds, a world made up of a whole slew of worlds, and traversed therefore by conflicts between them, by attractions and repulsions. To construct a world is to create an order, make a place or not for each thing, each being, each proclivity, and give thought to that place, change it if need be. This is why the first duty of revolutionaries is to take care of the worlds they constitute."

This reminds me of windows being fixed, logs being cut and lunchs being cooked. We are taking care of this located worlds, our little worlds, half a world apart, that we may or may not drop by next week or next year. Nevertheless they remain ours. A little bit of each one is there, here, in a saw, in an inkline, in a certain way of doing things that we picked up from each other.

I went out today to buy food for tomorrow's pizza and took the camera with me, I wanted to take some pictures of Celle's Fachwerk. The light was not good and all the pictures suck. Or rather, they don't reflect the world I see when I look at these buildings.

And then I thought, actually, it's not the buildings what I want to take with me once I leave this town for good. Not the chamfers you put on the beams or the joints that you use and how much of a gap you allow. It's trying to understand what makes you to organise yourself in such a way as to produce so much beauty in a way that becomes "natural" for you. Where does this need to build properly come from, and how can you cultivate it and pass it along? Why do you develop so much diagonal bracing in a country with no earthquakes while in japan you use none?

I think it's about listening to what the world has to say. Which sound like something Heidegger would have said. So why not end today with a quote from the little german then?

But those who wish to transform must bear within themselves the power of a fidelity that knows how to preserve. And one cannot feel this power growing within unless one is up in wonder. And no one can be caught up in wonder without travelling to the outermost limits of the possible. But no one will ever become the friend of the possible without remaining open to dialogue with the powers that operate in the whole of human existence. But that is the comportment of the philosopher: to listen attentively to what is already sung forth, which can still be perceived in each essential happening of world.

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