Tuesday, August 4, 2015


New label: patio baron.

What's going on here, that is.

Still no time to project mayhem, I was planing a board for my workbench here. You know, shokunin style-la. I still need to set up the planing beam. I do have a problem and is that my beams are longer than my planing beam, thinking of options at the moment.

Why the new label? Roberto wants to have an ethnological account of what's going on here. So easiest way to do that is label the patio baron related post as patio baron. Then export into doc.

Today was planing day, I found a piece of something, don't know what, looks rauli but grew too fast and harder than it. Maybe coigue? That will be the bench for my time here.

I cut it with my 360mm monster, after scoring it I used two hands and the saw  went a bit to the right. But it cut better than one handed.

 The other side

That's the edge where I changed the way of sawing. I decided to clamp the piece to the saw horses so it would not move while standing.

 And this is the horizontal beams for the structure I'm building here.

 6in square. I need to joint two for the top, and the pillars I will show tomorrow.

 And lovely valpo architecture.

 Those are not white flowers, it's mostly plastic.

I see a japanese joint there. Maybe.

 I think they call it poverty, or bad taste.

Ok, jokes aside, this is the kind of shit I would like to not see that much. I don't mind the poverty, but the problem is the lack of skill, love in what you do, where you live. But somehow, it's more correct to live like that, with the shit in your own garden and not in China, or well hidden, with the black immigrants in concentration camps. Somehow it's easier to improve this than to decrease the energy consumption of the "developed" world into something sustainable. The problem here is closer to the solution than the problem over there. Or at least that's what I say is the reason I'm moving here.

This was the wood I have for more "beches" (anyone knows the name of the bench in japanese?)

 Still not squared but good enough for a bench

 Man, moving this shit up and down really wore me down today, I'm really tired.

In the night go, bbq (not bbw) and beer. Nicht so schlecht.


  1. What kind of foundation system will you use for the posts? I read this a while back: http://thecarpentryway.blogspot.com/2009/09/first-light-xlvii.html
    Definitely functional to have the post up away from the ground and on top of a concave impervious surface to drain moisture.

    1. sadly, only concrete in the ground, Could not convince the owner of doing it the proper way :(

  2. For wood bigger than your planing beam, use bunks to support all the big stuff at working height. Brace the bunks when hand planing. Shuffle them over and back by lifting at one end and catching an edge at the center and twist-flip-rotate. Or to pick up one in the inside of the group,use a small stick like a hammer handle to bridge the neighbours after lifting the end above. Walk to the other end of the pile, and lift the other end, and roll it to where you want it to go.

    Or work as a team, if possible.