Sunday, August 2, 2015

Onzes excuses: Gaggia Internazionale

I´m very sorry and very lathe with project mayhem. This week was crazy, had to legalise marriage, it was my birthday, didn´t go to valpo friday (thanks god), and got myself a lathe. Friday, while talking with Julia, she says something like "yeah, now I have a plan, I just want to sell healthy food, coffee and have the workshop next to it." So I just looked in Yapo for coffee machines, that usually go for 800 eur or more and found this beauty for 400. I mailed the guy immediately and told him I could pay it that day but only pick it out next day afternoon.

 You may not know, but before carpentry I wanted to open a cafe, I even bought a machine in holland and learnt to make some latte art, also read the 800pages book the History of Coffee, a lovely book from 1930 or so with all the info you need.

Lever machines are the way to go. No electronics, perfect temperature always, no moving parts and you can even use gas to heat them.

If you google Gaggia Internazionale you will not find a boiler as clean as this one. I look at the screw heads and it was clear the thing was never open after being made in italy in the 1955

22 liters of coffee making capacity. It is so cool that you actually don´t turn it off, it just empty the steam at the top and heats the cups. And you need to put water inside every so often... I guess you can make 1000 espresso a day.

The guys who used it before only used 1 group, the leftmost, and the other two are absolutely new.

I´m re-chroming it, maybe some gold on the sides and replace the gaskets of the used group. And take out the asbestos from the machine.

That´s it, when you come to teach to Chile, you will have endless coffee during lectures.

The revolution just got tastier.

All that to say that I go to valpo today and start cutting the joint tomorrow.


  1. I had no idea.....It is beautiful!

  2. Well, philosophers and revolutionaries did meet in coffee houses!

    I know nothing about coffee, don't drink it yet, but that looks like a sweet machine!
    Happy belated birthday!

  3. We really need a beer maker here too.

    And indeed, this book of the history of coffee tells the story how british people stopped drinking ale the whole day and started to drink coffee, and then they came with democracy and all that. Also the frenchies in the 1700s or the vienna circle in 1900s And just wait till you are in university, you cannot live without it.