Monday, August 24, 2015

That was it

So, tomorrow I leave to Santiago to take care of my gaggia, make the bag for europe and prepare the last batch of chilenojapanese sharpeners. Next class is 12th, 13th and 14th of september, again in Santiago. Next week we meet again for Sergio's last class and doing some more joints with Pablo and Keiran.

Let's start with a video:

The saw is a bit ticker at the beginning, so when you are way into the cut you cannot use the full length, so it's not an improper technique of the fellow there.

Yesterday we were looking for stuff in the flea market, and arrive home around 2pm. It was time to lay out some between centres distances.

It took me a lot head scratching, but actually I didn't need to put the beams like that, I could have just measured with a plumb bob and the line. We checked with H1 and looked good if a tad short. I can make another joint at the end later, nay bother now.

The measurements. From centre to centre on the horizontal plane.

 Today we marked the shoulders for the tenons. Again, pure centre line

 Not so precise but I guess good genug.

 And then the fast part, chop away what's not a horse.

 Keiran left at noon. Now I think I take a small nap and finish the second and third shoulder, try to finish at least this tomorrow.

Considering that there was the biggest storm in the last 40 years during this month, and spend like a week cleaning the mess, I guess it went kinda fast. Last week I was already knackered, today I fucked my leg for not stretchting before work. I want to arrive to santiago and just sit and fix my coffee machine, not see wood for a few days. Timber framing really wears you out, and you need to work with more people, it's not something you can properly do alone. In average, each component of the joints took one day to make. The scarf joint 3 days to cut and 1 more to pare. We spent a few days just squaring some of the wood. No electricity was used save for the speakers. Cutting the mortice with a brace is a waste of time, chisel is way faster.

That's pretty much all. Almost a month in Valpo with dogs, hills, wine and woodworking. And lots of friendship.

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