Friday, March 11, 2016

Back at it

Welcome once again, to Sebastian's House of Joinery.

We took a plane, Keiran and I, and arrived yesterday to Puerto Varas, where the food is great and the weather is awesome. Valparaiso is already cold and cloudy and Santiasco is smoked and hot, so escape here even for 4 days feels like fucking heaven.

Nico had some health problems in argentina that delayed his trip to the end of the world so could not make it... and David is back in Berlin building his own workshop. Hope to see pictures of that soon.

Anyway, we arrived to pv, got some beers and burgers, and came here, to "home". Wood was where we left it.

Today we wanted to fit the tenons of the columns on the mortises and by 11:30am we had 2 done. At 4 the job of the day was done and we were ready to swim. Feels good to have rested for a few weeks and the back doesn't hurt when you move beams around. Job was sweet, as it should be.

 That's the first tenon going in.

It was so hot that measures were taken

the centre lines don't lie

looks cool, isn't it? maybe a new tattoo? Japanese joinery tattoo porn, I like that.

  and around 5pm we were here

That's how it looks down the river

and this is up, direction argentina

I was swimming like 15 minutes, really nice water man, I'm telling ya.

Come next year to join us, we planned to come here to the river one day for bbq and spoon carving or some shit like that, working next to the water, swimming, checking out the birds.


  1. It is beautiful!

    It reminds me of places that I used to live in Montana, but there, those waters would be thick with guys fly fishing, haha. It looks like a great place for some monster "Brown's"! Is there a way that you could show where you are using a map? I want to do a Google Earth flyby.

    Your joinery looks to be coming along well, keep up the great work and thanks for bringing us along.

  2. you are welcome. It's a really cool place, you really should come next year.

  3. Cool people, great tools.....AND fishing! doesn't get much better than that, does it?

  4. Nice joinery, could put it in black and white or so, give it some fuzzy-ish ink edges, boom you got a wall print or a t-shirt.

    The hills look rounded, but still somewhat like the canyons and rivers of NY.

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    1. LOL

      you are pretty much reading my mind concerning summer school 2017

      and that power lifting makes you strong boy. And kills you too.