Wednesday, March 16, 2016


With that quincho standing there back south I can focus again in the several projects that have me imagining things before going to bed.

One of those is the violin making workshop. Ya know, all the little cute tools.

Yesterday I tried the spanish file on the blade. Today was a fast chiseling of some hardwood flooring Keiran found on the street here in valpo, seems to be sycamore, or a chilean wood I don't recognise.

The blade is kinda fat, I wanted to take it to the university and mill 2mm off the back, but god I cannot wait so it's as thin as my boredom filing allowed me.

I ground a kind of ura on the back but there was a back bevel that made my work a bit useless. I did some "engraving" on the blade too. I call this blade "forest of bamboo in winter as seen by Klimt when we was visiting Ralun". Or kanna-chica if you want.

 I started with a 10x10x3cm piece of wood and just morticed the middle real fast. Then used a keyhole saw to cut the grooves.

20 min or so later it was cutting some lenga.

 Then I sharpened it and cut some laurel

After that put a piece of purpleheart in front of the mouth

and put it next to a 70mm one for a sense of the size.

(And make you jealous if you recognise the blade.)

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