Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chilean maple

Since nobody said a thing about FEM solutions for teeth geometry of saws, I assume you either don't get it or don't see the point of it. So back to wood pictures.

We have this wood here in Chile, Lenga (Nothofagus Pumilio) which is very similar to maple in grain, colour and overall feeling. It even has some flaming to it.

I bought one 2x6 and cut it into pieces, brought one to Valparaiso and left the rest in santiago. I wanted to make the connection for the legs of the bench downstairs but the piece was too short. So why not make some scrolls?

I don't have a printer nor violin patterns, so I just eyeballed the dimensions of the scroll using some values I found in internet, it's a tad too wide for a violin, that much I can tell.

 But what I'm interested on is trying out the tools in the wood, see how it cuts and where it breaks. How well defined the chamfers can be made with the knife, and how's the grain to behave when carving the scroll. Call it an exercise if you wish

 The grain orientation is not the best for a scroll but you can get a fair idea of how it would perform.  The short grain there at the bottom of the back side was too weak. And I always have problems carving those parts where the grain comes in two directions.

The tools used and dog's approval

Didn't scrape or sanded anything, nor did the other half. No files used either. The wood  needs to dry a bit more, so I'm cutting the blanks and getting a template for the scroll. That small spokeshave came real handy. Now look for a log of flammed lenga and let it sit for 10 years while I build my violin making workshop.


  1. Lovely work is coming, that I can see! And that area at the base where you are getting the chip out is a difficult one. I've seen a few repairs documented in restoration work elsewhere.

    I see photos of other people's workshops, the walls covered with every conceivable tool and aid/jig/device, the perpetual conversation of "the perfect workshop that I would build.....", it leaves me cold. Seeing pictures of your area brings joy. That's a wonderful floor you are working from...seriously! A short bench with a vise, I'd be set. I'm envious.

    And I like the FEM analysis in your previous post, I'm just getting too lazy in my comments, haha!

    1. That's exactly what I've been thinking about, make a small vice and some kind of bench for the carving. You remember the guy in youtube making a dai with a 5kilos hammer (or so it seems at least)? Wedged and a hole, stuff like that. For the violin's neck you need to be able to support the piece at several angles, I tried with my chest and knee but was a bit difficult, so I've been thinking about a saw teeth pattern carved in wood to wedge the piece against. We will see...

    2. for the sake of completeness


    3. That guy is Tanaka Hisao, an old departed master dai maker.


      It's a great video if you can ignore the English language "explanation", and thanks again for finding it!