Wednesday, April 20, 2016

not so square anymore

Managed another 30min or so at the milling Maschine today and what was square before, it is not so now.

 The same spiral cutter was used to cut the profiles, then I skimmed 2mm from each side, also from the wood.

And later went to "Pernos Irrua" to buy the studs. It's not only lighter but the relief lets you put your index finger there and it's way easier to hold.

We are still thinking how to broach the hole square, but seems like files will have to do, there are no small enough cutting tools in the workshop to shave it. For the knife I'm debating whether to cut one of the japanese nickers I have but maybe a cheaper iron will work too. Who knows.

Also and before I forget, when you have spirit varnish, you also need a lid for the container, so it doesn't dry:

for not being airtight it last surprisingly long. This is another of Opa's secret that I haven't seen online.

after 20 years of use that mug will start to look cool.


  1. Hi, I recently found your Blog and it is really engaging. Looking forward to reviewing many more of the past and future articles. (And this is the first time I've ever tried to comment onto a published blog :) )

    Best Regards, Chris in Indianapolis

    1. Hi Chris, nice to hear and hopefully this is not the last comment :)