Monday, April 18, 2016


Don't look at the plane. Look at the reflection of it on the wood.

there is a thicker part at the edge that I couldn't clean with my rag and alcohol. I guess it's still drying.

 It kinda reflects light, has a lovely texture, and it's handmade in valpo.

Die Rezepte comes aus Deutschland

grind everything very small. It's important to have a marking gauge to measure the portions of each ingredient. I think it's measured by weight but opa was not explicit on this.

Sandarac and benzoin go to powder real fast. Shellac no so.

Then leave in a bottle for some time. I left it 3 days but I have the impression 1 week would have been better. I think the benzoin didn't dissolve properly and that's why I have this thick coating on one part, I grabbed a lot of it at once.

Will make more and put it on some lenga, so you can appreciate better the lovely red colour of benzoin on a white wood for background.

Applied with a cheap brush (bad idea, hairs all over the place) then an expensive art brush (good idea) and finally polished with a piece of underwear with alcohol and camellia oil. To finish, some hand salve from Burt's bees and more underwear. It smells like the virgins jihadist martyrs are promised before blowing up. Real sweet.

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