Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finally one I like

This is the first joint I'm actually happy with. Not only the fit and looks, but the whole process and vibes of the joint went smooth today.  There was a lot of thinking involved, but in a fast way. Like I really didn't plan the joint in advance and problems were appearing and being solved as I was cutting through it, it felt a bit like going down a hill hiking. You've never been here before but you know the moves, the slopes and the pace. I loved it. 

This is how I did it. First I made the male portion to have something to mark with on the female part. Once I get my sashigane all thee measure should be proportianal to it but not today.

I marked some lines of where I thought the mortice should finish, but didn't really think of it. Here was the first realisation: I should have looked more carefully at the joint. I had no idea how deep to make things, what's the size of the hunch in the tenon or what wedge to us. 

Second, I realised I need a paring block. I'm always too lazy to make one but today I felt it would be nice to pare the angled mortices. It was a good decision. 

This is different as how Gabe did it, he made the straight vertical mortice and then the angled part to receive the dovetail. I thought it would be easy to use the guide if first I made the angled part till the top. 

Then you just go down a bit and use the chisel the other way around to pare the bottom of the hunch. 

And it starts to fit. 

 The wedge in

Centre lines meeting where it should

And this is the scale, the mortice is like 10mm wide

 Really sturdy little joint, 1:20 total time including making the paring block. Tomorrow I will be posting the next joint, a few math problems and the design challenge, I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Nice work! Today we were all cleaning up the branches, so I'll be working in the night to finish up the joint...I did think of a good use for it though: a take-down drafting desk! A small one, though, without a huge hulking top.

  2. Thanks! I imagine it a means to fix a fence to some existing pillars. I really like concept of temporal joints, make having a gipsy life easier.