Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Ok, a shorty just to check with you guys if I'm thinking this thing correctly.

The upper pictures shows how you make the lay out of the sashisen.

The lower picture how it is before assembly, so the wedge needs to push the whole thing forward.
At first, I thought it should be a parallelogram tapered in the two directions but now I think it's only along in the long dimension that you need the taller, the thickness of the wedge needs to be constant as you push it in.

The tapper is given by the final position minus the starting position divided by the length of the wedge.

Isn't it?


  1. That is my understanding as well....except that Chris Hall says specifically that the shachi-sen gets tapered in two directions. Hmmmmm.....mysterious......

    1. Well, I'm assuming that the mortice is perpendicular to the surface along the large face of the wedge. Perhaps is "better' to tapper that too, but I cannot see what would be the point of it. Indeed, mysterious.