Saturday, July 25, 2015

Graduation day

The day started like this:

Sharpening saws + uradashi was the menu. Leftmost saw was the victim

Grabbed a branch and handled my file

Any idea why the wedge don't stick? Inside the house yesterday it did, outside today didn't, we had to use a clamp. Keiran arrived with empanadas today, white bag in the back.

At 12:30 (we started at 11) this was the try out saw.

Not bad for a first timer. The saw was previously filed all from one side, so there was a particularly annoying side

 this one:

There was some control lost at the gullets but the rhythm and sound was of a good filing.

Then some joinery.

 Planed flush

and gappy at one side. First dovetails of the man.

 That wood is olivillo, real green, light, beautiful planing. It was used in chile for flooring.

After lunch it was box time.

 another shot ad the dovetails

 Rauli wants to be treated with care, loves to split if you are too hard on him.

That was it. We got another sharpening junky in the world. If sharp tools are needed for a better world, well, we are one step closer. Cheers for that.

"So what did you do saturday?"

"I taught a kiwi how to sharpen japanese saws in santiago de chile while eating empanadas..."



  1. I need to encourage my wife to continue in her current passion for peeling the bark from the Ohia logs that we want to build with. To that end.....

    Today I am building some better saw horses! I love the woman who is wielding the drawknife, and she must be treated well and nurtured! I should touch up the blade, too.

    Fantastic stuff over there, nice dovetails! A shallower slope will be more forgiving, but maybe it's the camera angle. They look a bit steep to my eye. GREAT start, though!

    1.'s my eyes. They are great!

    2. no, you are right, they are a bit steep. Told him already what you said. Forgot to insist in marking the face side of the piece though, he learnt it the hard way, the box is getting shorter.

    3. Haha.....I wish that I could say that I have only done that 5-6x, but the truth is too embarrassing for me to admit, even to myself.

      We learn more from mistakes anyways, right?