Saturday, July 18, 2015

why a duck?

I mean, why 240mm?

For a saw vice that is. (That's at least Nagakatsu drawing, 240mm tall, 1 in thick wood).

Well, easy enough, because that's you height when holding a saw file siting on the ground and with your arm on top of your knee (as Mark said he was taught). This is a comfortable height and it's in line with your centre of gravity or your navel chakra.

Note that Japanese and Chilean are shorter than you northenders, so you may need to make your saw vice a tad taller.

Filling teeth at ground level is possible but not really comfortable, filling over your head will be more of problem than anything else. In between those two points needs to be a maximum comfort/efficiency/energy flow. That's 240mm.

(All this because I was being stubborn and I wanted to have a 300mm one since the 240 seemed so small. Maybe it's better to depart from tradition after understand why tradition is the way it is.)


  1. Up here in the North where the caucasians predominate their legs are what give them extra height. Take the legs away and we are all the same.

    (You ever consider changing blog servers? What a pain to post comments.)


    1. I tried once posting in wordpress and was a gigantic failure. I do like the customisation you can do there though.

      what's precisely the problem? I sometimes have the plug in crash, but then I simply go back and the text is still there.

    2. My iPad hates Blogger so badly, I have to write comments in a completely separate mail program, then copy/paste. I hate this thing (but I REALLY like the camera that it has)! I need to use a separate program for publishing too, as the Blogger interface is completely non-functional. Sigh....

      I drank the coolaid re: Google, mostly for the free photo storage aspect. WordPress is far cooler though. Your site in particular, Don the beautiful and evocative. I am a fan.

    3. What the fuck, interface, plug in crash, are you speaking in tech lingo?

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    4. I changed the settings so you can also comment as anonymous, don't know if that helps. It seems it's an openID issue:

      Maybe we jump to wordpress for the next iteration of this endeavour? And sorry for tech lingo, it must be the cold that has me in bed.

  2. Excellent information, I always make the mistake of thinking I need to make things taller because I'm a white northerner. I'm not a tall man though. I did that with my first Japanese saw horses, ended up cutting them down, and now I use a pair that are even shorter to the ground!

    I'm excited to learn from your setup, I'd really like to see a bit more about the small box that catches the filings? Are you going to make a saw sen-dai as well?

    1. now I have more work :/ I thought with the vice I was done but you are right, I need to think of the filings box... or go for a disposable newspaper sheet on top of the beam you use to lay the vice on.

      The sen-dai... I need to set my priorities straight. I have more saws than I could use in the next 3 years, without resharpening, so it's not like a need to fix something at the moment. What I'm trying to focus at the moment is skill and stamina building, not so much tool repair/making.

      What size are your saw horses? I would say that as tall so that I can put my ass on a 6x6 without problem, to cut a mortice on top of them that is.

    2. My saw horses are 7" tall.