Friday, February 12, 2016

Free day

We are in puerto varas enjoying beer, coffee and free wifi. Had burgers for lunch.

This are the pics of the last 2 days.

Gonna get more pics of the barn soon, and maybe some measurements.

And that axe picture is for you Don.

Planing bevels:
 Hommer kanna
 one day of work
 Barn. That's not a half lap, it's more like cut 18in of that 20in beam and put something on top. Everything is eaten by termites btw.

Hard kanna, needs some cooking. Didn't work.
 honing the axe's edge
 more volcano
 where we sleep
 nazi joke
 explaining bevels, geometry and sqrt 2

 Somebody said gang cutting? Look at the concentration of the boys
 and my favourite shot till now
 yesterday. There's a mistake there.
 but not there

We are a bit on the short of time side, so from tomorrow we are using the skill saw to speed up the chiseling and cross cutting. And it doesn't even feel like cheating to be honest. Cut the shit out of those beams and get out of here. 

I asked David, our visiting architect to measure the barn and make a drawing of it, maybe that can be the next life project.  

Wanna ask something? just comment and I try to reply next time I get internet. 


  1. Don't you think those beams are just seated in shallow housings?

  2. I think they are just sitting there. In any case, they are not moving, no boy. I take more pics today.

  3. Holà
    It makes me wanna jump in a plane and come! lovely place and I really like the inspector's faces, they could play some kabuki characters!

    1. Would love to have you here Francois, but better save the money and come next year. Around the same time, just asked the owner for the place and said yes.

      We could add some teather evening now you say it.