Saturday, February 13, 2016

Getting there — Dub special

Greeting for the sisters brothers and rastas. Today is a dub special. Lots of delay and reverb, paring again and again and again... dubstyle.

But first of all, the food:

cast iron, olive oil and veggies.

In the morning I gave it a try with the saw, missed the line for 1mm or so when going out of the timber. Helped a lot, like gave us more stamina to keep on paring the rest of the day.

 Don't see any housing

 Central supports plus fedders

 and it used to be larger but they cut it.

 Resident architect

 Starts to look like something. Patterns repeating, being serious since they are a series,

 David spen the whole day hand sawing. Brave boy

 end of the day

 no without blood and tears and dub

 And this is a beautiful example of chilean joinery, the famous dovetail half gap bevel scare joint

Sorry the poor lighting, but I guess you get the idea. We think it was a communication problem when the boss said cut it at 45 degrees.


  1. Looking like hard work, hard play, hard drink.

    And the dubstep references sent me back to middle glad that stuff disappeared. I thought Europeans liked house music more, anyways?

    Sorry for not commenting lately, this is all way too far from anything I can bluff and say I know about.

    1. it's dub, not dubstep btw.

  2. My heart soars to see the work you are doing, the place in which you are working, and how y'all are relating to it! There is an accelerating momentum to all of this that is really beautiful.

  3. Steven: hope we would not be that tired, then we could drink more of the beer we got the first day.

    Gabe, I feel it too, the increasing momentum and the taking over of the world little by little, or rather the other world that we are creating for us and everybody who wants to joint. In my mind the trip to america is already happening btw.