Sunday, February 28, 2016

Summer School 2016 Review

Everything started like this:
Somewhere in the south of Chile a few crazy guys (and hopefully gals too) meet in the middle of the forest to build something together.
That something is not just a wooden shelter, but it will have wood. There will be japanese tools but is not about the tools. We will sharpen not only our blades but our skills. There will be talk, food and rivers. Work, layout and planning. Lots of cooking. Saw sharpening.
Well, we didn't have saw sharpening since the time didn't help but for the rest the description was quite accurate. We were told crazy more than a few times; we built something together despite the structure not being standing at the moment; our skills are sharper and mistakes will not be forgotten; there was talk, food and rivers, a lake to swim in, and a volcano to look at. (Not as much fun as I anticipated since the work was way heavier than what I thought.)

We left for unknown seas, unknown parts of ourselves, and we reached the limit of our forces, defeated by the material but somehow happy of having given it all in the way. We have built a bond, and once that quincho is standing on the land, it will be a token of that friendship. And may the friendship last longer than the joints this friendship has made.

I wanted to somehow summarise the ten days we spent there, but having arrived home and submerged myself in daily life has taken the urgency of this off a bit.

We have tickets for 11th of March, so wait for more news on this white whale called quincho. It'd definitely not the last one we are making, that much is true. (I may be getting a large makita circular saw, a jointer and a planner though.)

To be continued...

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