Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday of hot springs

The name says it no? We had pains. Like everywhere and in different amounts, my favourite one was on the ass muscles. Keiran had lower arms pain. David lower back and Astrid hands. Schoolboy was feeling just fine, fucking teenagers.

So we took the rain with us and drive 37km to the hot springs.

It was good. Better than good in fact.

No pictures since it was that good. But imagine, a river, forests both sides, water steaming and hot sands. Cannot get much better eh?

Before that we did some try out and it didn't fit, as it was supposed to. The pieces should not fit at this stage since we still need one more housing and some chamfers.

We had laid out the housing wrong, as you can see in this picture. (Doesn't it look great? that was marked by schoolboy I think, he likes pen and chamfers. Also, remember this was a summer school? well, we are all learning here. For example, look at the lines of ink. Messy, isn't it? too much water or too little, too fast pulling the line, not enough pressure on the silk, waiting too long to mark the line... it's full of subtleties that you need to go trying once and again to grab its flow. At the beginning of the week I was the only one marking, now we are splitting the task since the boys are starting to get it too. Sorry for the long derridarean parenthesis.)

And this is the place where the thing will go. The thing is called quincho btw, pronounce it as king-cho

The waters made their magic and my ass pain is gone. We could sit and talk in the night, not only fall asleep after work, wake up, grab food and sleep again. Moods are better. Monday will be a long day.

Sorry for these seemingly half thought posts, I just want to keep track of what's going on each day to have a better idea later of how things went... a week now seems like a year, and our eyes see end grain being pared away in the food. See you tomorrow, with hopefully a square in our hands.

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