Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Holding Kanna

Short one today.

Alamo (Populus nigra) for the horizontal pieces morticed into rauli. Very wabi-sabi using salvaged wood with marks of it past life. My dad told me the axe marks in the rauli are to put wire and then plaster on top. Never seen that, but seems plausible. The alamo looked a bit burnt, but may be the disgusting air of Santiago. (I square the wood by flipping it and rotating it, no squares are harm in the process. I've never seen that explained but for me it's too trivial, you just need 2 pieces and understand what a square is.  I'm using my jointer for the rough work.)

Full size. Maybe a tad to tall and definitely needs another rauli on the top to close the whole thing up. I'm thinking of more practice with yesterday's joint for the top.

After writing the post yesterday, and already in bed, I started to think of how to cut the inner part... and a small chisel along the grain making progressively deeper grooves could work. And it did.

The tenon is ready with no drill and no bottom cleaning chisel. I did mark quite a lot the end grain to break the fibres at the bottom but seems a fair price to pay for using only chisels.

Tomorrow I will be working on the last comments of my star-shaped paper, so it's computer day. After like 2 years is finally accepted in Phys Rev E while I'm jobless destroying a kitchen in Chile. I was asked by one of my coauthors what brings me to chile. Somehow the answer is that I sleep better here. Despite everything, the pollution, the corruption, the rampant neoliberalism (cause of the previous two) the place forces you to soberly face your conditions. If the problem is the solution, then the possibilities are endless here.

Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.


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