Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Project Mayhem

We start monday at 12:00 GTM and there are 7 days to finish the joints.


No electric tools.

Document the process.

Document the tools used.

Time it.

Discuss it.

Blog it.

I will post only the drawings of the joint, no indication whatsoever how to make the layout or the cutting order, we need to find out by ourselves.

If we manage to keep it going for a year, we will have 52 joints of experience. Think how many chicks will fall for you like that.

For the sake of simplicity, you chose the size of your timber and scale the joint to the wood you have. The drawing comes for a 120mm piece.

The next joint will be chosen by one of the persons who finished the first joint before the deadline.

The next joint will be published the following monday (one week to "rest" and discuss the exercise) and the same rules apply. (I hope this can continue for a few months at least, so you need to take your tools if you go in vacations.)

When the drawing is post next monday, you sign your entrance to project mayhem by sawing "I'm in" in the comments. Once you are in, you cannot get out.

After completion there will be a "grading" of the joint, by yourself and your peers. By pointing out each other our mistakes we will learn and create something beautiful. Like linux, ya know.

Western tool can be used save ugly saws with blue plastic grips.

See you monday.

Over and out.


  1. Ouch......that stung!

    Hahahahahaha! Good though, because I almost like that POS saw, and have touched up the sharpness of the teeth 4 times now. Despite it having impulse hardened teeth, I can still get the job done using good Tsuboman yasuri. Soft steel, eh?

    I'm in.


  2. I have an ugly Stanley saw with yellow plastic grip that I use to cut bad dirty wood...I eagerly stay up all night sharpening my chisels in anticipation!

    I'm in.

  3. Oh, this looks like a good chisels are sharp as the wind, and my frame saw is tightened! I'm in!

  4. You don't scare me - do your worst!! (please don't do your worst - I'm scared)

  5. still it ended much better than my try. Was surprised by rigidity of the joint too (wood used - construction grade pine 2x4) tomasu