Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Joints around the globe

So, we are all struggling.

Struggling with the joints, the lay out, ourselves, or way of thinking and all that.

But we are moving, and that's the important thing.

First, some tryout in Hawaii  mypeculiarnature.blogspot.nl

Now some cherry in NY thetwinmaples.blogspot.com

 Back to Hawaii

Note how this guy got professional with the saw.  I'm jealous of those mitres. 

And last, Chile

That's an ugly out of plane. It can be planed though

That one, the inside of that haunch, what a pain in the ass, hands and mind was it.

These americans are using far too small pieces... so Jason is making the mortice for the column and the dado relatively bigger than the drawing.

I started with not so square pieces and "thought" (yeah right, hoped like a girl for a pink prince) that I could "fix" that by the layout. The shit ended up out of plane albeit square in the inside. The haunched tenon took me for ever, like 1 hour. I was totally lost on how to do it. You need ORDER Sebastian, ORDER. I had to increase the side if the female part because I left it oversized.

Man, I'm pissed off. With myself. Stupid joint and stupid me trying to take shortcuts.

Anyway, we are getting there. Tomorrow I have free from joints and think of making another. Perhaps not.  The joint is amazingly strong for how gappy is my tenon. Like it doesn't move at all. Makes me want to make a failure test...

Maybe I need a shooting board.

I know Rauli is an awesome wood to work with, but you got to give me some credit by the sharp paring chisels I got.

Anyway, I already learnt something. Doing something in a group is way better than do it alone.


  1. Yeah, I'm hoping that Nakaya will kick me some free product, haha! Seriously though, the saw is very, very, nice and I will get a rip blade for it as soon as I get the chance. Maybe some extra crosscut blades too, as I can't even think about trying to point up a 32 tpi. The blades are only about $12....if you can find them. Cheap to ship as well.

    This is turning out to be a great learning process, and fun too. I tell you one thing though...I am going to try my damndest to do a better job on my next venture. So kind of you to not point out that I goofed up, mis-cut the joint AND redesigned it to suit my whims, haha.

    I am looking forward to seeing more from other people. We will all get better.

  2. I just had to point up my cross-cut nakaya eaks 210 and it hurt my eyes even with magnification. I had to remind myself to blink.

    This is great work on the joint! I've been jealous not to jump right in on it having other work that constantly gets in the way. No more, its getting cut this morning! I'll do a post discussing the layout and cut order. I made notes last night, lets hope it goes as in my mind.

  3. Has Paul of the Carpentry Way finished his joint? I've been looking through the guy's site and he does some seriously impressive work.

    1. Paul Atzenweiler? Didn't know he was in but glad to hear. Or you mean Chris Hall? In the latter case don't think he's interested in such a simple joint, the guy has far too much skill for this.

  4. Lol, yes, I confused "blogs I follow" in Paul's blogger profile with just plain blogs.