Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sumitome hozo sashi, review

Friday night around 12 in the night I remembered there was a piece missing in my joint. I needed to make it there and then since saturday was picking up a Walker Turner bandsaw and then eating lamb for the whole afternoon, before putting the saw down in my porch and taking a bus to Valdivia, place where I am right now. 

Here is 11 hours in bus from Santiago, green, wet and full of trees. Beautiful. There's a river, mountains and sea. One of the options is to move here in the future. 

First of all, here's the finished joint:

I added a kaneori mechiire for the sake of practice

again gappy... me not so happy

I guess in 6 months or so I will come back to it and see if I have improved. 

One of the lessons is not want to be done. " This puts me in the mindset of wanting to be done" says Jason and I totally can relate to that. Instead of living in the now of cutting the line, marking or chiseling whatever needs to be done at the moment, you are taking by your mind into the I want this shit DONE. NOW. And then you are done, the lines wanders, your mind wanders and things stop flowing and errors accumulate.  

Concerning the dynamics of the cutting, I guess Gabe nailed the cutting order and that's what I will follow next time. Also, I need to lay out all the pieces at the same time and not try to transfer marks as if they were dovetails. A sashigane would be nice too, or just spend a bit more time getting real square timber on the first place. Paring blocks also sound like a good idea but I need to arrange some clamps first. 

I forgot the memory of my camera today so no pictures of Valdivia yet. 

Congrats to all, I'm pretty sure we all learnt a lot and we are looking forward to the next one. Who's gonna post the next drawing? 

I brought a kanna, 2 chisels , one hammer, a square and a disposable saw without a handle. Let's see what I can do with em. 


  1. Steve said the same. So it's up to you Gabe. Make us suffer.

    I said we should wait a week but maybe it's not necessary. Post it whenever you feel like, you got the key to project mayhem's joint No 2.

  2. I was just wondering about the next joint! I really want to do a scarf joint, but I'm not settled on just what. There is the wedged diagonal scarf I posted a pic of at the end of my post for joint #1, but do we want to keep this in the Japanese joinery tradition exclusively? I love the goose neck half lap scarf joint, but I feel it should not be the first scarf to try in these exercises. Suggestions? Sebastian, I don't have any of the texts on Japanese timber joints outside of "The Genius of Japanese Carpentry", so you and Jason have better context for the sake of making these etudes progressive.

    I'd be happy to put a post up in a day or two after your input. Same deal, one week to finish?

    1. drop me a line in my mailbox and I send you some pdf.