Sunday, May 17, 2015

Handle it

I smashed my finger yesterday so today was rustig work.

The morning started with shaping some kiri.

A bit more...

And tadan! I have a new handle for my favourite saw.

 The wood is really light, the whole thing is just over the 200 grams. Beautiful to hold, slightly wider than the average japanese handle so it fits my swollen finger.

A closeup to the texture:

And a closeout of the place where I am now... more on that later.

The handle was finished with an uzukuri, the japanese polisoir. This creates a really nice texture since the soft parts of the kiri wood go down and the hard stays up, so there is much more grip on the handle than the nicely mirror sanded ones I used to make. Rough and sexy kiri me liky.

If the reader has be looking carefully, he knows already where I am at the moment. If not, next week will know. Slaap lekker jongen.


  1. Haha....ouch! But what is this about your favorite saw? Pictures? Your azebiki-noko?

    And the azukuri......I didn't know the name, thank you. I made one a few years ago using an old broom but I would love to get a few others,maybe one made from rice straw and one from horse hair. Come to think of it, I should find some local fibres, maybe lauhala or palm fronds. Use what you got, right? You can work some great texture into woods of different hardness or burnt/charred wood. A fun tool to use and good exercise as well.

    I want to see some plaster work!

    1. It's the austro-chilean teeth if I remember correctly. A 240mm ryoba I use for hardwood, chubby teeth and "thick" blade.

      I think someone else is taking pictures of that plaster work... should have my own though. That's the homework then. We mixing some more today, starting from the dry ingredients, so maybe I get some pics of the garden too.