Thursday, May 7, 2015

Study for a tree

Amongst the things I want to learn in life is shoemaking. Not fancy dandy shoes but old wood leather boots, those that last for several years.

I got a pair in Holland, many winters ago, and they are still going strong. The problem is the tip, that it kinda kinked and developed some wrinkles, and it touched the top of my toes.

This week I decided to make something about it: trees.

Now, if you are wondering why I haven't touched a saw this week the answer is family and packing. Man we've been busy, and gosh there is shit to do before you can move. Still have two days here and everything should be done by saturday but it definitely hasn't been vacations over here.

When I was looking for info I stumbled with this video. I really like the way the guy works.

I used a piece from the scrap bin, I just wanted the top so I could spoon out the wrinkles, besides they are going to the bin before flying.

It took me like 2 hours the first, and 1 hour the second the following day. Since I wanted a good fit I had to go slowly trying to fill out the gaps in the shoe, and I didn't find any way to mark the wood... I thought of putting camelia oil and pencil but then maybe my socks will look a bit dark.

Next time I will start by the lasts though. Anyway, the kink is gone and I have shoes for 6 more years.

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