Thursday, May 21, 2015

The revolution has started

One of the most surreal things for me with all this moving tools to and fro is that I get plenty of people in several parts of the world to do me favours. Murakami, Junji and Gary searching tools for me in Japan, crazy americans in the west coast forging stuff and now a Chilean chick waiting for my package and sending me pictures to see that everything arrived well and sound.

I don't think these are a first one, I know of a japanese carpenter in the south of Chile who made a japanese house in the land of the grand father of a friend of mine. Anyway, it feels pretty fucking cool to know that my tools are fine, waiting for me in far away lands and that they survived a week and a half in customs. And that the post works in that end of the world so the invasion can start.

The kanna is a blue steel, the slick is cheap one, there are some sharpening stones and the cocaine package from the right next to the glass is in fact a few blades and chipbreakers. My faithful 60&1/2 is there and also some bike tools.

I'm in the train going back to Enschede, visiting old friends. Before that I was in a shop in Amsterdam showing off my tools to a couple of furniture makers from there that I may visit monday again. Tonight I will celebrate, this is so fucking crazy that it may actually work out.


  1. The revolution will not be televised
    the revolution will be live
    Gill Scott Heron

  2. I was walking down the street
    In the town where I was born
    I was movin' to a beat
    I never felt before
    And I opened up my eyes
    And I took a look around
    I saws it written cross the sky
    The revolution starts now