Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ik ben terug

So... I made it to Amsterdam in once piece and around 75 kilos of luggage. By train. Alone. Thanks god for the invention of the small hand trolleys.

I got a few bows to sell in Chile from Julia's mother, need to fix two of those so we will be adding yet another side of woodworking to the blog. It was weird, but as I was looking at the bows and working with them, I had to think of saws. It's pretty much the same activity. You observe the reflection of the bow and that tells you how straight it is, and if it's not straight you heat it and bend it so it becomes straighter. And then you observe again.

Or if it's broken you make a joint and glue another piece of wood to it.

Like if they were not many atomic activities in the world and making something is just a particular enunciation of a handful of techniques. Thanks Borges for explaining us that.

Anyway, I will be staying in the netherlands for 2 more weeks before taking the plane to Chile. Today I took a kanna and a saw to a the workshop of the Rijksakademie and ended up talking with one of the technicians about stool building. They were splitting ginkgo for some chairs somewhere around here, maybe I can take a glimpse, I would like to see some ginkgo wood. There is no much real wood here but let's see what we can do, definitively something to hang my friend's paints.

I leave you with a sample of how the study looks. I lived with artists almost the whole time I was living in the netherlands so I really miss the ambient. Hopefully next time we see some tools in action over here, all this prattle is making me nervous.

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