Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tage des Kanna

Just a quickie today. 

It's almost 7pm and we are going with Opa und Oma for dinner in half an hour but I since I'm officially on vacations for at least 5 months I want start documenting as things happen... have a small routine. 

We arrived yesterday absolutely dead after 12 hours of train and shit loads of bags moving. Lesson learnt, I need wheels in my tool bag. 

Here a few more kanna were waiting for me so I spent the day, from 9am till now, setting them up. And they look like this now:

The day started more messy though. 

While I was sharpening this one (it's new and I'm going real slow with the uradashi to keep it thin and sexy) an old man came to play some violins, Bach and Mozart. I still love the good old europe.

Part of the very edge is pointing downwards but I rather sharpen the bevel more as I use it than increasing the ura, If anyone has any idea of how to fix this, please let me know.

 This was around 5pm and I could see some reflection on this maple. Mostly due to the naniwa 12000 that anyway I think it's too much, I should have tried the 8000 before this one.

 It's not completely reflective, but it has some channels on it... like if my sharpening is not very homogeneous along the length of the blade. Need more work.

Anyway I managed to cut myself...

with the edge of the wood... now that's a new one.

That's it. One country closer to Chile and finally having some wood fun. See you later, now shower and then beer.


  1. You can leave that dip in the blade for the sake of conservation, but it's simply not flat. It's got to be flat. Increase the ura, grind back the edge, it should all work out.


    1. Thanks for the kick on the ass Don. I went back, hammered a bit more and the back is now flat. The curvature on the front side of the flat was really small, so the ura got barely thicker as I hammered it. I still need to regrind though, I had an encounter with a file while doing the mimi...

    2. So, I'll watch my back in case you want to return the favor.